We have grown Saffron Crocus since 2008 on a small strip of land, close to the gardens. Every October, the flowers bloom coloring the coming winter, and every morning, hundreds of lilac-colored tufts dye the land, amidst the green grass.

We harvest the flowers in wicker baskets at the first light of day, and meticulously collect the bright red stigmas from the heart of those petals.

After that, we deliver it to a certified laboratory where we pack them into jars of 0,250gr., which is the right amount to serve in recipes for 4-5 people.

We sell the jars directly in the Abbey, or upon request by contacting us by email in the contact section, or in some local exhibitions and markets. We create party favors, or place cards with it and since we are talking about a red gold, we also create small but valuable trinkets with it.

During the period of harvesting, which runs from late October to early November, you can watch the collection of flowers, participate or just take pictures and bring back photographs of rare beauty. In the orchards of the Abbazia Sette Frati farm, you will find all kinds of seasonal vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, saffron and aromatic herbs that you can cook in total autonomy in the kitchen of your apartment in Sette Frati or in the Great Recreation Hall.