“MEMENTO: Memories, thoughts, music, theatre and dance in the suggestive frame of the Abbazia dei Sette Frati.

10 and 12 June 2016 – in the church and in the cloister:

Art was born with man, as a primordial expression of communication.
It sprang from inner research, from the desire to unhinge the doors imprisoning the soul.

A timeless spectacle, without time or boundaries is enclosed in the spiritual atmosphere of an ancient Benedictine Abbey protected by the green Umbrian hills, made of memories, thoughts, music, theater and dance. No rules, but one great goal: to bring back feelings, moods, emotions that we have experienced, lived, forgotten, or dreamed of. Feelings or emotions representing a déjà vu of what we will carve in our minds in the days to come. It stands without any path, without any apparent connection, just like memory takes out memories from a hat, without knowing why this one and not that one.

A small video excerpt taken from the show:

Trailer of the Show

Piccolo agnello, chi ti ha fatto?Tu sai forse chi t’ha fatto?

Posted by Corale Fra' Giovanni da Pian di Carpine on Sunday, May 29, 2016