On the hill overlooking the Nestore River Valley, in direction of Perugia, stands the village of Cibottola with its heptagonal tower soaring over central Umbria, a small castle at 471 meters of height above sea level. Its origins are unknown, even if a legend, reported by various local historians, says that it was founded in 1330. Facing the Nestore Valley there is Sant’Apollinare and Spina, each one with their own castle, and farther in distance there is Perugia, Assisi, Spello and Mount Subasio.

Eastward, the Nestore Valley continues and in front of it peak Monte Petriolo and Agello. The village is small and is constituted of the Civic Tower, the House of the Lord of the Castle, the Church of San Fortunato and almost all of its surrounding walls.
At about a distance of 4 km from the Abbazia Sette Frati, the village can be reached by taking the road that connects Pietrafitta with Mercatello.