The ornamental gourds I grow are of the Vine plant of Lagenaria, calabash bottle gourds, and have decorative and functional purposes.
I grow two varieties of them: the first is the “trattoria”, which has a decanter bottle form; the second is called a “fiasco”, because of its form of a flask. In ancient times, these pumpkins were used in daily farm life, as tools such as bottles or containers to save seeds–to be planted the following year–or as a funnel for the casks of wine. Today, I grow them in the garden, in a long Pergola, for the realization of magical lamps. When the pumpkin dries out, it becomes hard, as wood, and it is then that I carve it with precision tools. I decorate and engrave it with mandala patterns. At its interior a handmade lamp, with its bulb light W10, is inserted—however, this is done by the expert hands of my father—supported by poplar wood slices.

These lamps are on sale, and you can order or ask any question about them by writing to us in the “contact section”. All those who purchase a Pumpkin Lamp will enjoy an immediate 10% discount on his/her stay at the Agriturismo Abbazia Sette Frati farm.
The discount is valid all year, and you can credit it to third persons, if you do not use it.

Please enjoy our video on our Ornamental Pumpkins

This Video is made by “Il Mio Mestiere” in Perugia

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