In the Garden of Memories, we cultivate and take care of flowers, herbs and plants whose fragrance brings us back to precious moments of our past. I have kept in the garden, all those plants I’ve ever seen there and that in past years have given their fragrance to the meals of our big family and that over time have become the dishes of our tradition.

Smell is the greatest ally of memories and you can just relax among our herb plants to rediscover in a particular perfume your personal memory that you thought you had forgotten.

… “But, when nothing subsists of an old past, after the death of people, after the destruction of things, alone, frailer but more enduring, more immaterial, more persistent, more faithful, smell and taste still remain for a long time, like souls, remembering, waiting, hoping, on the ruin of all the rest, bearing without giving way, on their almost impalpable droplet, the immense edifice of memory.”
(Marcel Proust, Swann’s Way)


In the Garden

Leaving the cloister, to the right, following the vine, we overlook the Garden of Memories. A large green square hosts at its epicenter the big Apricot tree, which is suggestive in any season. The perfume aromas are those of lavender and Rosemary, Sage and Mint, saffron and rose. From the pergola hang the vines, the wisteria and the climbing roses, the Lagenaria pumpkin vines with its hanging gourds. At sunset, everything dresses in the color of copper and it is nice, to lay back and wait for the arrival of the evening. It’s the ideal place for some rest and relaxation.

The lawn of the Garden of Memories extends for 600 square meters and combined with the other gardens, the cloister, the square, the arcades, and a large green parking, also offers itself to the visitor as a space to host special day events, lunches, dinners, picnics, children’s workshops, birthday parties, to have the perfect holiday in the countryside with all those moments visitors wish to pass in an authentic site.